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Download Free Windows Loader 2.0.9 Full + WAT Fix

Kumpulan Software Gratis | Windows Loader 2.0.9 Full + WAT Fix |Windows Loader 2.0.9 by Daz Full + WAT Fix is one of the tools that you can use to activate Windows Vista, 7, to Windows Server 2008 both 32 bit and 64 bit. I often use this tool to activate Windows 7 for the first time or re-install has not been activated. How to use it was fairly easy so everyone can surely use it.
Well, in which there are Windows Loader and WAT Fix. So what's the difference? If not mistaken:Windows Loader
Used for the activation of Windows Trial or Not Activated to be Activated.

Used to remove the pirated Windows 7, which usually exist in the lower right corner. Following in his Remove WAT, new loader if you do not yet activated.
How do you use? Here's a glimpse of how:

If you already have Windows 7 detected false (not genuine) Genuine Not with a sign in the lower right corner, you try to run the WAT Fix first. Wait for the process of removal of WAT later your PC will restart itself. New do step 2 and so on. If Not Genuine is also missing, please look for other RemoveWAT from google.

If still in its trial, directly to Step 2.

Run Windows Loader - Then to the tab 'Profile' - Select Brand Laptop / PC.

Select Tab 'Installation' - Click INSTALL - OK - Wait for process

If requested restart - select Restart


Do not update your Windows or you will from Trial again. Turn off updates automatically (recommended)

Password : www.dytoshare.us
Download Windows Loader 2.0.9 Full + WAT Fix

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