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Download Free Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate Alchemist Update 2012

Kumpulan Software Gratis | Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate Alchemist Update 2012 | Windows7 SP1 Ultimate Alchemist 2012 by amc Dear friends, Some of you are familiar with amc builds.
That were builds accepted and actual some time ago mostly by friends from Project Alchemist page and wider sharing community. 
As I mentioned in one of the posts before, he is not regular builder any more because of personal reasons. He is doing it only by helping friends with personal mods adjusted to user's specific needs. As his friend I am familiar with his activites and I have one of his latest mods that can be installed on wide range of machines. 
Having in mind that some of you still appreciate his work and friendship, I asked him to allow me to share this OS, for the old days. So here it is, Enjoy and Happy Holidays to ALL of you.
Show Video Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate Alchemist Update 2012
Windows 7 SP1 Alchemist initials AMC 2012 is quite good and stable for you to use the silent installer integrated applications such as 7-Zip, Game Booster v.3.1, AdobeAIR, CameraCodec, cclean v.3.13.1600, Google Chrome, DirectX, FlashPlayers, NET Framework 4-Full, Games for WindowsLive, Java 6 update 30, K-Lite Mega Codecs Pack v.8.07, Media Player Classic-Home cinema, Notepad + +, QuickTime, RealPlayer v.15, runtimes Pack (rare runtimes such as VB, OpenAL, etc. ), Shockwave, Silverlight 5, TweakMe!, uTorrent v.3.1, VisualJSharp, VLC-Player, WinRAR Deluxe extended with UHARC, HJSplit, CabPack, WinUHA, and two themes-one unique as the default ("can be changed via the Options-Themes" ), Visual C + + SP1 Runtimes 2005/2006/2010, BurnAware, indows Media Player Plus!, FoxitReader, FreeStudio, OO Defrag PRO, SPTD SCSI Pass Through Direct, Kels UberPacK and Your Uninstaller Pro.
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 builds of Win7 Alchemist 2012 7601 Service Pack 1 RTM is berarsitektu 32-bit is no longer necessary because the serial number has been fully activated and can be checked on the control panel after installation.

• Build upon the official Win7 RTM EN 7601 Service Pack 1 image of Microsoft
• Distribution patched for use of 3rd-party themes
• Beautiful look, with 4 Exclusive Themes added special for this Build. One of them is the default.
NOTE: Forbidden to distribute themes in original or modified form, allowed only for personal use:

• Disabled disk-timeout, standby, hibernation, Windows Defender, UAC (User Account Control) and other minor services
• Integrated Internet Explorer 9
• Integrated Net Framework 4.0 Client & Extended with updates
• Added new default plus extra wallpapers, with the removal of the originals
• Tweaked logon screen
• Changed default user pics
• Replaced Hundreds of system resources (Dialogues, pictures, exclusive icons etc)
• Added a few gadgets
• Applied improv many tweaks to the interface and system performance ...
• Drivers are not touched. Use Microsoft update or updates from source
• Activation: not needed. Check in Contol Panel-System after installation.
Integrated Extra Apps:

Game Booster v.3.1
cclean v.3.13.1600
Google Chrome
NET Framework 4-Full
Games for Windows Live
Java 6 update 30
K-Lite Mega Codecs Pack v.8.07
Media Player Classic-Home Cinema
Notepad + +
RealPlayer v.15
Runtimes Pack (rare like VB runtimes, OpenAL etc)
Silverlight 5
uTorrent v.3.1
Deluxe WinRAR extended with UHARC, HJSplit, CabPack, WinUHA, and with unique 2-one is the default themes (change them through the tab "Options-Themes")
Visual C + + Runtimes 2005, 2006, 2010 SP1
Windows Media Player Plus!
OO Defrag PRO
SPTD SCSI Pass Through Direct
Kels UberPacK
Your Uninstaller Pro
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Download Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate Alchemist Update 2012

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