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Download Free Windows 7 SP1 ROG Edition Ultimate Final x86-x64 2012

Kumpulan Software Gratis | Windows 7 SP1 ROG Edition Ultimate Final x86-x64 2012 | This assembly is installed with a DVD drive or USB-drive.
1.Zapis to USB using the utility of Windows 7 RTM USBDVD Download Tool.
2.Zapis on a USB-disk using the command line (diskpart utility):

In the dual-boot:
Total Commander 6.5 - File Manager
Bootice-manipulation tool for boot sectors ...
Standard x86 system recovery environment
GImageX v.2.014 en - Graphical user interface (GUI) for ImageX.
Set the screen resolution to start the download
Active @ Password Changer en - Программма allows you to reset the administrator password
AntiWinLocker 3.3 - a means to combat extortion SMS
AVZ 4:37 - Anti-Zaitsev. Very useful for removing rootkits
Universal Virus Sniffer 3.72 + - Designed to combat unknown viruses and not only
Acronis ® True Image ™ Home 2011 Plus Pack - Backup and Restore
Acronis ® Disk Director ™ 11 Home - Working with sections of the HDD
Acronis ® Recovery Expert - Provides complete protection of your data, allowing you to recover deleted or lost partitions


Step 1:
Take the USB-drive (and can be another medium-Such as SD cards) not less than 8GB, connecting to the USB-port, ready to sacrifice all the information contained therein
Run the command prompt cmd.exe from administrators
Run the diskpart utility management, wait prompt DISKPART>
Execute the command list disk, displays a list of all drives (not partitions!) PC. We are looking for Them Among our USB drive, in this example, Disk 1
Execute the command select disk # (where # - is the number of our USB-drive, resulting in the previous command). In our case - select disk 1. This Tells diskpart command, that all further operations will be conducted for this disk

Execute the command clean (goodbye data and partitions on selected disk)
Execute the create partition primary command - to create a new partition on the disk
Execute the command select partition 1 - Select the partition, as further objects to Manipulate
Active - do your partition active
Format fs = NTFS - format the partition to NTFS
Assign - activate the connection of the device, receiving letters for the newly created partitions (if enabled the autostart option - pops up a window, as if you just hooked up the USB-drive)
Exit - exit diskpart at the command line.
USB-drive is ready for further manipulation

Step 2:
And now attention. Take your existing copy of Windows 7, say, a DVD-ROM drive installed in H:
At the command prompt (not in diskpart!) Sleduyushie perform the command:
Cd \ boot - go to the directory boot distro
Execute the command bootsect / NT60 A: - where A: - prepared letter just received the USB-drive. This command replaces the disk A: The boot files on the ones you want to download Windows 7
One point - bit depth and the base OS distribution of Windows 7 should be the same

Step 3:
Copy the contents of the installation disk with Windows on a flash drive
To do this, simply enter this command That will copy the
Content from the Windows DVD to a brand new, just formatted
High-Speed ​​Flash Drive:

Xcopy H: *. * / S / e / f J:
In my case it was so: xcopy H: *. * / S / e / f J:

H:-This drive, J:-This is a Flash Drive
Step 4:
Appropriate load the PC with the received USB-drive, install it withWindows 7.

Fixed bug the Start menu
Critical Update for January 15, 2012
Mozilla Firefox 9.0.1
Winrar 4:10
Adobe Flash Plaer


Windows Firewall
Message 'The little disk space'
Debugger to speed up
Message and sending the MS error
Remote Registry Service
The automatic update
Automatic restart your computer when BSOD

Become the owner and ask the full access to the object (Shift + RMB)
Copy to ... (Shift + RMB)
Move to ... (Shift + RMB)
Open in Notepad
Programs and Features
Device Manager
Registry Editor

Parameters prefetchera to Reduced memory consumption and disk space
Increase the priority of interrupts IRQ8 to speed up
Speed ​​up the Start menu
Enable Word Wrap in Notepad
Increased speed of the mouse pointer
Speed ​​up shutdown
Do not grouping similar applications in the taskbar
Sort the Start menu and Favorites in alphabetical order
Optimize the work of memory and cache

Multiboot Disc
At the heart of multiboot is Reanimator v01.01.2012

System requirements:
Processor: 1.5 GHz
RAM: 1GB or higher
Disk space: 12 GB
Video: DirectX 9 support and 128MB of memory (for the Aero theme)
2GB of RAM when used with Windows Virtual PC

CRC32: 1A8E4825
MD5: F9A12D03761BFA46DBCB26DF2BD9752F
SHA-1: BC48605C05F333AB57D5E890D8A544EBAF47F101

Year: 2012
Version: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x86 | x64
Developer: MICROSOFT & [varius] [SPA]
Language: Russian + English
Tablets: (after installation on drive C)
Size: 3.87 GB

Password : indowebster.web.id
Download Little Version
Download Windows 7 SP1 ROG Edition Ultimate Final x86-x64 2012
Download Full Version New Update Link
Password : blakutak
Download Windows 7 SP1 ROG Edition Ultimate Final x86-x64 2012

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