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Download Free Game X-Men: Destiny

X-Men: Destiny Free PC Games DownloadThe player character is saved by Nightcrawler at the last moment and teleported to China Town, where he/she is tasked to find Gambit. Gambit left the X-Men after the death of Professor X and currently operates a casino in the town. After meeting him, Gambit asks the player to help him raid a Purifierwarehouse which contains the technology Purifiers uses against the mutants. After the raid, Gambit gives player the location of the secret underground lab that Purifiers hold captured mutants.
At the lab, the player character meets several captured mutants such as Quicksilver, Surge and Colossus and meets the U-Men, a group of anti-mutant soldiers that somehow use power drained from mutants.
With their help, the player eventually defeats Sublime in the lab and saves the mutants. Going after the intel gained by X-Men, the player goes after a secret undergound base used by Hodge and Purifiers. Along the road, he meetsWolverine and Reyes again but Wolverine goes berserk for some unknown reason and attacks Reyes and the player is forced to continue alone. He/she eventually find Hodge who is now wearing a more powerful power armor with captured mutant powers. Hodge states that with the power drained from Pixie and Caliban, they will be able to find and capture any mutant they want. He also slips that he is helped by some other group or person. After the fight, Hodge falls from the generator tower and is killed.

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