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Download Free Game Tomba 2 (PSX PC Full Version)

Tomba 2 Games! is one of the first game I played when I have not even had a Playstation console first. The colors are bright shades as well as 2Dplatform close to the SNES and Genesis made me choose to play adventure games than other kinds ofSpyro the Dragon, or Tomb Raider. The reason is actually only one, I was very difficult to play 3D games such as navigation and control is not as good now. Tomba! a title that helps me in my transition across the two worlds.Tomba ancient boy with pink hair started out as the evil pig army (Evil Pig) stole the bracelet from his grandfather. How dare they steal the most precious treasure Tomba; the ancient boy did not stay silent and go after the pigs are legion across various regions. Tomba on his way to see that many areas that he had passed already condemned by the devil, and many pigs are in trouble. Can Tomba helping these people and to save the world from evil enveloped the pig?

Project Tomba (or Tombi) is produced by studio Whoopee Camp and headed by developer genius Tokuro Fujiwara. Tokuro Fujiwara has long been famous in the world of gaming through his works at Capcom: Ghost 'n Ghoblins, Bionic Commando, to producing a variety of game Megaman. No wonder the golden touch was continued in this game. Tomba! combine two elements: theplatform and RPG in a bundle package attractive. You will not only undergo one world to another like Sonic or Mario at that time. Instead this game actually requires you back repeatedly to the same area, usually to seek guidance or help resolve those requests.
Request the person, the mysteries encountered in his travels Tomba, and several other challenges to the form subquest-subquest this game. Arc the Lad never played 3? More or less like it's Tomba missions. Some of the missions in this game you have to actually finish, but the majority are side missions that can not be resolved to continue the adventure. After all, completing side missions that give satisfaction and sometimes give you special items that make completing your main mission or even instructions to complete the other missions.

In contrast to most 3D games in 1997 which now looks old and outdated, the graphics in the game Tomba! This is because the everlasting era represented in 2D graphics and stunningly beautiful. Movement of each character animation is smooth and exploit advances in the Playstation era. In addition Tomba area through which any variety of types ranging from a very windy mountain to the village forest full of leaves. Each setting was also changed when the pig curse the devil in them successfully broken.

Tomba! is one of the game is clever and different from other games. Beyond this dwilogi other game has never been able to combine elements of RPG andplatform as successful as him. It's a shame that after working on the sequel developer Whoopee Camp went bankrupt. I just hope that other developers realize there is great potential in this game and third game might be released in digital form (download) as it did in the game Shantae Shantae: Risky Revenge.

Final Verdict

Gameplay: 9.0

Very good control. Tomba can move back and forth to two different platforms (front and rear), thus giving the impression of semi-3D. Many quests are simple but also save some clever puzzles to solve.

Graphics / Sound: 8.0

Different 2D graphics with 3D as never everlasting. Cheerful voice accompanied throughout the game. Why is it that the graphics quality is refined and optimized again when the market was re-released on PSN?

Play Time: 8.5

This game can be attained within 8-10 hours on a single play. Valuenya replay value is high because it is almost impossible (except with the help of guide) you can unload all subquest provided.

Overall: 8.5

Game Details
Developer: Whoopee Camp
Publisher: Sony
Genre: Action (2D Platform)
Requirements :

How to use :

1. Download File
2. Exctract File
3. there you will find Tomba_2.bin File
4. Run PSXFin emulator choose cd img then open : Tomba_2.bin
5. Enjoy The Games
6. Say Thanks :)

Download Here


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Rar Password : www.ripgamescenter.com

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Enjoy The Games.

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