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Free games downloadfree downloadable gamesProbably all the GTA 4 fans are alreadyplaying the game on their console of choice, but we should never that gave birth to the first Grand Theft Auto title - the personal computers. Even though Rockstar hasn't officially confirmed anything, rumors about an October release date for the game started to be heard quite a while ago. Following the console launch (which is definitely a success), Rockstar should officially confirm the PC version (if it really exists) during the coming weeks.
Until then, we have a German website presenting the Grand Theft Auto IV PC version DVD case, together with a price and, what matters most for all of us: the release date. According to the website, the PC version of Rockstar's title will be made available starting the 30th of November this year. What should normally be a further proof that the date is correct (or, at least, that a PC version is in the works) is the fact that pre-order is available. It remains to see how and if Rockstar responds to this... let's call it "leak". They probably won't be too happy, since the official announcement still has to be made.

However, don't take this date as a sure thing. It could be just an attempt of thewebsite to promote itself or nothing but a misunderstanding. One thing is sure, though: the DVD case presented on the website seems real enough for us to believe it's true. We'll keep an eye on it to see if things change during the following days.

Already considered the Game of the Year, Grand Theft Auto IV has just been released for Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles and received numerous 10/10 reviews. The estimated sales for the first week are only somewhere around 6 million and the game is considered to be the title that will save Take 2 from Electronic Arts' acquisition.

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