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Download Free Game Governor of Poker 2

Hi Bro….
Download game gratis, terbaru, terlengkap has agame again that Download game gratis, terbaru, terlengkapsite get it from ganool…
And I think you might to try the game…!
hehehe…(from ganool.com again), because if uploading itself have to long time uploading.
Ok guys, here is the GAME:

Description :
The fun part of Governor of Poker 2 is that you earn your money by winning poker tournaments. When the game begins you enter your name and choose your gender. Then you'll be placed in a small town where you can roam freely, traveling from house to house. You can click on a house to view it's price and other information. Every time you buy a house your reputation meter will rise. The reputation meter is located in the bottom right corner of the screen. Once you buy all of the houses within a town you can move to the next town and try to conquer it in the same fashion. The exclamation marks scattered around the town represent poker tournaments. You can join a tournament in Governor of Poker 2 by clicking on one of the exclamation marks and then click yes when asked if you'd like to join. Make sure you take a look at how much the entering cost for each tournament is before starting. You may need to finish a smaller tournament before progressing to the larger ones. Prioritizing is a big part of conquering towns in Governor of Poker 2. When the game begins, you'll see all of the basic info about the match, such as the prizes given to first, second and third place winners, and the number of opponents you'll be facing. If you need instructions on how to play, they can be found at the top of the game screen during a poker match.

Features :
·      A whole new Wild West story
·      A renewed poker engine
·      13 cities and 17 poker locations to play
·      Large tournaments up to 80 players in lots of new places
·      New more realistic and various opponents
·      A poker tutorial
·      Dozens of new hats to show off
·      Options to organize your own tournaments
·      Lots of new achievements and awards
·      An exciting challenge to reclaim the title of Governor!

Minimum System Requirements:
·      Operating System : Windows Xp, Vista, Mac, 7
·      Processor Speed : Pentium 3, 1200MHz
·      RAM: 512 MB
·      Graphics Card : 16 MB 3D
·      Sound Card: Onboard/Soundblaster
·      DirectX Version: 8.0 Or Better
·      Disk Space: 90 MB

May be You Ask “how is the way to Install the Game…?”
OK Guys, here is the INSTALL NOTES :
·      Extract to your Hardisk
·      Play the game


Total Size 105 MB
Pasword: ganool.com
Download HEREàTinypaste

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