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Download F1 Mania 2010 free
F1 Mania (MOD/ENG/2010)
English | PC | Developer & Publisher: Electronic Arts | 748 MB
Genre: Racing / Simulator / Sport
Present all 6 types of rubber, which strongly differ in their properties from each other, As in the real Formula 1 Rubber Hard can withstand the full distance race Fuel tanks increased to 200 liters, which allows you to go without dozapravok!

Upgrading to version 2.0
  • Fixed engine, now values very close to reality
  • Modified physics in order to lower car slipped on the curb
  • Changed the grip of the tires when driving in rain
  • Off Launch-Control
  • mproved car MersedesGP and fixed mirrors
  • Added LCD-displeni to teams Lotus, Hispania, Virgin
  • Traced saver menu commands Lotus, Hispania, Virgin
  • Added to the National Championship game with bots and Test Day
  • Added about 15 types of cameras
  • To the route in 2009, added routes in 2010: Australia, Hockenheim, Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Turkey, Monaco, Nurburgring, Bahrain, Silverstone, Singapore (2 versions)

This is not a separate mode, but already fully installed game, set all the teams, drivers and tracks!
Need only:
  1. Unpack
  2. Run the file 3DConfig.exe
  3. Start the game f1 challenge 99-02.exe
  4. Create pilot
  5. Customize keys and detail the effects

In order to play on windows vista or windows 7 should be:
In the files F1 Challenge 99-02.exe and 3DConfig.exe need to put compatibility with WIN95
Be sure to disable the firewall and is recommended to disable updating of Windows,
Next, open the game file F1 Challenge 99-02.exe, and in the properties set right at all, or run as administrator!
Just do not forget that for the game on the network must be shut down ICQ, Torrents, Antivirus software and Firewalls that block your internet channel!

System requirements:
  • OS: Windows ® 98/2000/XP/vista/7
  • CPU: 2.2 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Video: 128 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Hard drive space: 1,5 Gb


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